About Us

We are passionately going on a journey to reduce the road toll by at least 20% on a population scale basis, using a global simulator technology especially developed to be used by large volumes of people in a short period of time. This virtual reality driver training simulator system is an evolutionary improvement on previous simulator designs, developed over 20 years to economically provide highly believable simulation experiences, but with much reduced likelihood of simulator sickness sensations.

We want to ensure benefits in reduced deaths and injuries flow through to communities quickly, so death and injury rates plummet and the drain on medical systems is significantly lightened. Sorry about the unemployed undertakers of the future, but you always knew we wanted it that way…!

This is THE MOST EXCITING development in road safety. Ever. Everyone that reviews the details is convinced this is THE ONE that could actually do the job, because it will!!!

In time, this rough text will be replaced with something beautifully polished describing our many wins and how the team is doing a great job of rolling out our thirteenth multi-berth simulator system in Australia and how already we have cut accident rates to a fifth of those experienced by people not using this technology. Also about how we have two centres due to open in the USA shortly and are working on British centre for next month, plus are mid-way through converting the lesson plans to suit the cultures of 10 other countries, all of whom are well through the process of building their simulator centres.

But that is then, when it is all about the truly great team we have passionately rolling out and continuously improving this great innovation. This is now and, while I don’t want it to be, for now, it IS all about me, Vince Sunter, the inventor!

So who is this bloke? Born a Pommie and sailed to Oz before age of 7, naturalised in ’87. Read the History page which hopefully gives a feel for it, if you need a cure for insomnia. Helpfully for any “driven man”, I have my wonderful wife Kellie by my side being fantastic support – you will see her in some pics.

I do get “the mad professor” tag every now and then. However, whist I can definitely baffle people with detail, I am far better grounded than to let that be a trait. Thankfully it is the diverse skill set that let’s me tackle an exercise like this with the utmost confidence.

The more I do of this project the more absolutely convinced I am that all issues coming are solvable as “the stoppers” are all sorted now. Unlike most technical types, I have such a solid grounding in real world commercial aspects that I am well able to steer / get this thing to real answers with substantial outcomes.

If you graze my LinkedIn profile you will see I got my start in the Pt Kembla steelworks and went on to run some pretty complex and challenging technical projects in a multitude of industries. I had a few lucky breaks early on with the actual tasks I took on; I had great mentors and learnt (by doing) that there is NOTHING you can’t achieve, and seriously changing the world in a big way is a snack with the right people involved. I am one, the others are coming – if you are one and you know it let me know too – I am happy to chat.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” -Amelia Earhart (first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic)