Awesome Crowd Funding Ideas?

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    Vince Sunter

    Whilst it is my intention to personally fund roll-out of this invention via other endeavours I have in under way, it is by no means guaranteed they will generate funds on a timetable that suits the progress of this development. So looking at alternatives is sensible, while plans come together.

    One possible alternative is crowd funding. Right now, I know little about how to do it. Maybe people will share the altruistic spirit and just chip in to get something like this to really happen? (You can do that right now per the details here, please do – and a Big Thank You, if that is you!). Probably people need to see that I have got the thing to a properly working prototype so it is clear this thing is real, but I have no doubt that will happen now and I have a serious track record of delivering the goods, this will just be another one. I don’t know if altruism is enough to get people to want to chip in, but I rather suspect there would need to be a “gimme” of some kind.

    Obviously one thing a crowd fund donor could “buy” is the right to sim-centre access when it is available. Basically free sessions which would come at a grossly inflated rate to that of the general public, but get priority access and some bonuses such as time running gaming software rather than lesson plans. The people that might chip in for this could be people wanting to ensure particular sons / daughters / others spend some time learning these life saving lessons, perhaps for themselves for the same purpose, or to buy game time in a truly awesome driving game simulator. If the contribution was $100 per session (general public are at $35 / session) and for the first 6 months 50% of the time went to crowd funders who got to book out the schedule first, to a maximum of 50% utilisation, that would be enough to get a centre built. If it kept going, then the same deal for other geographical areas and more choices of where to book. Newcastle first, then Sydney, then…? perhaps every donor gets to vote to set the roll-out priorities and they all kick off this way?

    However, taking Awesome seriously up a notch, as mentioned in the Spin-offs topic, one option for the (patent pending) simulator concept is to build a serious high end jet pilot simulator – done for a fraction of the cost of conventional methods to achieve such simulation. The patent covers a dual axis 360 deg continuous rotation at > 1g experiences. Not sure how far can take simulated gravitational forces, that would be part of the journey, but from a mechanical engineering perspective can probably do 6g easily enough, which is really the most a device like this should contemplate.

    The crowd funding approach would be to raise enough funds to build a full multi-berth centre plus a “jet-sim”, and basically sell time-share in the high adrenaline simulator. A couple of quick numbers in a calculator suggest $250 / 15 minute session is the kind of rate needed to build this plus a full 15-berth sim centre. How popular would that be do you think? Basically it is a donation to a good cause, with the prospect of a bit of fun down the track somewhere. Maybe add the right to exclusive access to the standard simulator units as mentioned above – as an add on extra or something.

    So here’s a couple of ideas – what do you think? Would they work, or anything else you would care to suggest?

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