USA Cultural Issues – Seat Belt Wearing is a Big Issue

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    Vince Sunter

    Distracted driving is also a biggie in the US, and they have some detailed info about it here. Some of the techniques used there will be quite suitable to reinforce the core messages being presented here. 

    According to info from Driving Dynamics, a highly respected local driver training organisation, the US has many similarities to the Australian experience with one key exception – seat belt wearing rates are a substantial part of the problem they experience, but the rest is similar to what we see down under:

    Drowsy/Emotional Driving – 30.9%
    Seatbelts/Non-Comformity – 29.1%
    Drinking & Driving – 29.1%
    Speeding/Aggressive Driving – 22.9%
    Distracted Driving – 22.9%


    Seatbelts/Non-Comformity – 46%
    Drowsy/Emotional Driving – 29.1%
    Drinking & Driving – 24.9%
    Speeding/Aggressive Driving – 23.3%
    Distracted Driving – 20.1%


    Drowsy/Emotional Driving – 32.2%
    Drinking & Driving – 32.2%
    Distracted Driving – 24.9%
    Speeding/Aggressive Driving – 22.6%
    Seatbelts/Non-Comformity – 16.9%

    When I was there back in the 80’s and 90’s I was surprised at how many cars “presented” the seat belt to you, by mechanically moving it into your field of view so you really had to put it on to see to drive the car. But I was more amazed at how many drivers found ways around that, which didn’t involve putting the belt on! This is taking “freedom at all costs” a step too far, as this is not a fight you want to pick with freedom and pay with your life as you sure don’t look like much of a “freedom winner” when you are all banged up or dead. Is the culture still the same as I observed? The statistics would tend to suggest it is. Hopefully we can find a way to break through this psyche and get people making better choices.

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