Get Involved / Help Out

Assistance in two forms is always helpful. Money is the easiest thing to turn into other marvellous things, and is a bit scarce at the moment so always appreciated. The other is skills, which help will be needed with things like green-screening techniques as the nitty gritty of superimposing images is worked through, but this stuff can be dealt with via a forum that will get going in due course, or just Contact Us

If you are keen to help, please do make a donation to:

Bank:Newcastle Permanent Building Society
Account Name:Advancing Projects Pty Ltd
Account No:525589401

This is a special purpose account set up just for this venture, so 100% will go to the cause. And none will be squandered / wasted on non-essential things.

What Vince says “While this MUST become a successful business in order to thrive and achieve the desired outcomes, it is primarily an altruistic contribution to society. It is being done on the simple logic that I have the skills and experience to make this happen, and therefore I should – as it won’t happen otherwise! Happy to have other like-minded people involved, and funds are always useful when it comes down to getting results in a timely manner.

Even if not successful, the prototype will be donated to a suitable university / safety facility for future research, so any contribution made will not be wasted. However, the prospect of getting the expected outcomes for society when this venture succeeds grows stronger with every milestone, so there will be people everywhere that are enjoying a decent life because this thing stopped them, or someone else, from wrecking it. Can you help? You know you want to! Thank you in advance…”

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