Our Fabulous Supporters

People who have gone beyond normal commercial dealings and provided tangible support to help make this project happen / all the better for their altruistic helpful assistance:

CMA Electro Hydraulic Engineers who have kindly leant two “spare” but very expensive servo controlled hydraulic valves for as long as it takes. This was a really seriously appreciated gesture by principals Clayton McLellan and Ian Duncan. The provided equipment will be a principle reason the prototype is able to fully test the sensitivities and nuances of control, and fine tune exactly what  the critical parameters are to set up for a production process. Clayton McLellan of CMA says “When Vince asked me about how to deal with some technical hydraulic control issues I knew we could do more than that, and was happy to help. I knew from our earlier shared steelworks experience that Vince absolutely was the one that could make an ambitious project like this happen, and it will only be a good thing when he does. I wish him every success.”

USG Hydraulics who have been providing excellent assistance with high quality equipment at even better pricing than their normally exceptional value products, showing they are really serious about helping give this project every chance to be a success! Jim Harman of USG says “What Vince is doing here is a really good thing, and I totally respect that he is doing it and how he is approaching the task. We are happy to do what we can to help make this prototype project a success. And of course we look forward to working closely with Vince as the project flourishes into lots of full installations!”

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